Just The Gen, Ma'am

Although I'm a confirmed slasher, since I've joined Sentinel Thursday and Sentinel Angst, I've begun writing the occasional Gen story. Since I'd like to make them available to people who only read Gen, I've decided to have a Gen Only page. All these stories will be available on the rest of my site, but everything on *this* page will be safe for Gen sensibilities. I hope you enjoy them.


Please link to the Gen Index Page and not the individual stories. Thank you.


Brief Alliance

Set within the Stargate-Cascade: Daniel in Command AU. A crossover with Stargate: SG-1

Save The Lash Dance For Me

Ever feel like you just stepped into the Twilight Zone and can't find the way out? Blair finds himself reliving Lash's last days.

Burton Awards

The Ambivalent Series

Detach With Love
A Partner I Can Trust
Too Much Information

Holding On

Jim is afraid but he holds on.

Terror On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day -- That special day when frantic men everywhere attempt to answer the age-old question: "What do women want?" 8K

Wolf Shaman

Sentinel Thursday Challenge - How have things changed a year after Warriors?

Blood Red

Sentinel Thursday Challenge: The color red.

Quid Pro Quo

Sentinel Thursday Challenge - Jim's Truck

Hermit Crab

Sentinel Thursday Challenge - School

Every Snowflake is Unique

Sentinel Thursday Challenge - Cold

The Games People Play

Sentinel Thursday Challenge - Games


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