Vox Populli, my gracious hostess. Check out the many, many fanfic sites that play here.
852 Prospect is THE slash Sentinel archive. Go ahead. Overdose on The Sentinel. You know you wanna.
The Cascade Library archives some absolutely wonderful gen Sentinel stories. It’s huge and everything there is gen and rated up to R only.
Area 52 is a huge Stargate slash archive. Tons of good stuff here.



The Yahoogroup

The Wonderful World of MakeBelieve (WWOMB) is a gen/adult/slash archive. WWOMB is currently switching archives. Check both the old and the new for stories.
The Light My Fire Awards for Online Sentinel Fiction. Check out the stories that have been nominated and vote for your favorites.
Sentinel Secrets - where you have to match up the story to the writer. How well do you know your fandom writers?
The Sentinel Archive Project is a group of fans dedicated to preserving Sentinel fanfiction for future fans. If you plan to take down your site or know a site that's gone belly up, let these gals know so they can save it.
The Sentinel_Betas list. If you’re new and haven’t found a beta yet, try these folks. Don’t be shy; they’re nice.
Sentinel Thursday, a community for The Sentinel short stories based on a weekly challenge. Anyone can access the stories and post comments.
Crack Van, a community for reccing from *all* fandoms. No snobbery here. Got a fandom that needs pimping? Sign up for a month of reccing duty.
Like gorgeous, hand-drawn fan art? Check out Lorraine Brevig's selections and treat yourself. Not only a great artist, she's also a wonderful person. LOC her a lot! <g> She draws in quite a few fandoms so let's give her a reason to keep playing in our sandbox.
My Mongoose E-zine, where I now have two series (The Fantasy Series and Captain Ellison Loses Command) currently in progress.
Pattrose does wonderful photomanips. She did the lovely pic of Jim on my index page and several more illustrations for various stories. Check out her sites for more!
Dreaming of Sentinels - Pattrose's Story Site
SenAd, The Sentinel adult discussion list. Great source for Sentinel news.
The Stargate to Cascade, a crossover slash discussion list run by the wonderful Sideburns (alyjude).
The Circuit Archive for The Professionals (Slash, Het, Gen Fan Fiction)
The Hatstand, An Archive of Professionals Slash Fan Fiction.
The Riptide Slash Archive

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