The Professionals


The Professionals is a British TV series from the early '80s, which explains Ray's hair. *g* Bodie and Ray Doyle are agents of CI5, a counter-terrorist group under the command of George Cowley. The show features lots of violence, villains, dastardly plots and the intense partnership between Bodie and Ray. This is a new fandom for me and I'm just learning the characterization. These four stories are fluff, but Pros fanfiction in general is pretty gritty. If you're interested in reading more about these guys, check out the recs over at Crack_van . Note that while the rec site is on Livejournal, the stories are all found in the main archives.


  A Waiting Game Bodie knows that eventually Ray will be his.
  Cream Puffed Up Ray puts Bodie on a diet. Older lads. 3K
  Firestarter Hiding out from the villains on a cold night, Ray and Bodie rub something together to create warmth. 7K
  The McKay-Do Obviously, the episode Heroes needed to be filked. To the tune of: Three Little Maids From School Are We. 2K

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