The Sentinel

The Insatiable Series

  To the Sentinel, the whole world exists for his pleasure.

The Seasons Series (WIP)

  Spring Fling Jim's zoning on pheromones and he thinks Blair's solution is *weird*.
  Summer Sun Jim forgets the sunblock. Blair applies the aloe vera. Nature provides the fireworks.
  Fall Back Plan Blair is living in de land of de Nile.
  Winter Manueuvers  

The Fantasy Series (WIP)

  On Your Knees, Private Captain Ellison takes the opportunity to train Private Sandburg properly.
  Howl Professor Sandburg is very excited to discover a man living in the wilderness, raised by wolves.
  Salute Me, Private Captain Ellison shows Private Sandburg what an experienced officer is capable of.
  Growl The wolfman displays his courtship skills and Professor Sandburg eats it up.
  Lone Wolf

Can a dream reveal the truth of the heart?


The Dog Series (WIP)

 A Crossover With Stargate SG-1

  Top Dog Jim Ellison and Jack O'Neill vie for dominance. And the winnah is:
  Hot Dogs There's a winner and there's a . . . well, actually everybody's a winner!
  Dog Star The Cascade boys send the Colorado boys a little present in the mail.
  Dog Pack On a camping trip, Jim and Jack go fishing, Blair and Daniel meet a bear, and a danger to the growing relationship is revealed.

Lost and Found Series (WIP)

 Captain Ellison Loses Command Captain Ellison loses the battle and he loves it.
  Detective Ellison Makes Do Jim lives with the consequences of his choice.

  The Control Series (WIP)

 Warning: AU, darkfic, sexual slavery, non-con
  Control Blair discovers that his lifelong dream is a nightmare.
  Reward For Good Behavior Jim is pleased with Blair.

Narcolepsy Series

  Sure, Chief Peja's First Sentence Challenge: Will you be my sex slave?
  Um, Jim Peja's First Sentence Challenge: "All right, you win, I lose. but I promise you. I'll be back."

Sleeper Series (WIP)

  Sleeper Sandburg's not Jim's type, except when he is.

The Alphabet Series (WIP)

  'R' is for Run! When the past catches up with him, Blair Sandburg has no choice but to run. But will he run alone?
Stargate-Cascade: Daniel in Command AU (See the archive for other stories here)
  Brief Alliance Jack and Jim's first meeting many years ago.

Sexgate-1: Cumming

(a parody)

When the gate was first opened, SG-1 found a whole different
universe out there, running by different rules. Wars were won in the bedroom, not the battlefield. Fortunately, SG-1 is nothing if not adaptable. Jim and Blair are eager recruits.


  Flesh of My Flesh On the run, Jim must fight for Blair when another comes to claim him. Crossover with X-Files. Moonridge 2003 story.
  Reluctant Bond A sentinel and his guide relax after a hard night's work. Set in the future of the Flesh of My Flesh universe. Krycek/Frohike. 14K
  Snowman Jim just wanted to do some skiing, until Blair discovered the sauna. 12K
  Tightrope Walker A sentinel will always love a guide. It's his destiny. 19K
  Commercial Break Basketball, beer, belching, and blow jobs. 9K
  What's a Little Nip Between Friends? What happens when you give a sentinel cold medicine?
  The Good Ol' Days Nostalgia can be fun...
  Talking to Santa Jim has other plans for Christmas and Blair talks too much.
  Jim Sings The Candy-Cane Hallelujah Chorus Blair loves candy canes and Jim wants in on the action.
  Surfer Moon Jim drags Blair down to Malibu for some sun, surfing and surprises. But it's Jim who gets the real surprise. A crossover with Action.
  The Park After Dark Sometimes a man likes a little variety.

TS Drabbles and Odds and Ends

  Attack of the Killer Bunny Some plotbunnies are just evil!
  Good Vibrations  
  Holding On  
  Wolf Shaman  
  Blood Red  
  Quid Pro Quo  
  Burning Up  
  Hermit Crab  
  Getting Ready  
  Four Doors  
  Every Snowflake is Unique  
  A New Birthday Tradition  

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